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Congratulations Miss Riley on the birth of

Crescentia by Cabalito

Happy's Dream Ranch offers full service and care for your brood mare and foaling. Our foaling facilities are designed with the safety and comfort of mares and foals. We offer large comfortable stalls and skilled foaling attendents available 24 hours per day to assist your mare and ensure the safest foaling possible.

Our foaling stalls are filled with straw and you can monitor your mare and foaling process over the Internet through live cameras. During late pregnacy, Happy's Dream Ranch provides 24-hour monitoring.

Foaling mares should arrive at Happy's Dream Ranch at least 30 days prior to foaling so that the mare may become accustomed to her new surroundings. Pre-foaling vaccinations are administered at this time. Newborn foals receive a complete neonatal examination, navel care, probiotics, an enema if needed and IgG testing. Foals born to high risk mares may receive additional laboratory testing. Foaling mares receive a complete postnatal examination, deworming, pain medication if needed and oxytocin to promote uterine involution. Foaling mares may be bred back at the appropriate time if the owner desires.

Foaling attendents are also available to make sure that your mare and foal are monitored and well treated should any complications arise.

New born foals are imprinted at birth. All foals are haltered the first day and lead everywhere along with the mare with two handlers to insure their safety and build confidence. This daily handling helps to develop a safe, strong and confident foal. Grooming and feet handling becomes a natural part of your foal's daily routine.