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Debbie Jamsa

Happy's Dream Ranch
12897 North Tonto Road
Prescott, AZ 86305


Fax: 928-268-3540


Perhaps the best way to judge the care and management your horse will receive at Happy's Dream Ranch is hear from those who have placed their horses within our care or to speak with a few of our references.

This past spring, I mentioned to my veterinarian that I was looking for a place to board three of my horses for the sumer. Without any hesitation, my vet recommended Debbie Jamsa and Happy's Dream Ranch. After contacting Debbie, I decided to take my yearling, two year old, and nine year old geldings. Debbie and her amazing staff took wonderful, personal care of each of "my guys" and left me worry-free. I have no doubt that Debbie took care of them as if they were her own. My geldings came home healthy, happy, and relaxed. I can't imagine sending them anywhere else that I could have more peace of mind. Debbie is the best! Leigh Davis

When my 18 year old quarter horse decided it was time for a vacation, we were told to give Debbie at Happy's Dream Ranch a call. She was pretty full at the time, but somehow squeezed us in. I can honestly say say that Wheatie has never been happier or better cared for at any boarding facitility. Debbie and her staff have an extra special horse sense; they know all about "quality" care and it shows!! The place has such great energy and the horses are so happy. Our only regret was having to leave ... Karen Wilson

I am extremely happy with the care and attention my horses receive at Happy's Dream Ranch. All the staff pay attention to detail and treat the horses as individuals. The riding lessons that Debbie gives focus on the subtle details that make such a positive impact on the rider's skills. At the shows, everything is run not only very professionally but you feel as though you are part of the family. Gayle S. Leith D.V.M, M.S

I had been looking for a place to semi-retire my horse for several months when I heard about Happy's Dream Ranch through a "friend of a friend". It was important to me that this be a place where I was confident that he would be well cared for as he was in the midst of being treated for an intractable quarter crack that would have to be monitored. Debbie and her staff have superseded all of my expectations in caring for my horse. Debbie has been steadfast in keeping an eye on his condition, arranging for veterinary visits as needed, and transporting him when necessary. I am happy to say that I have found his forever home. Michelle Sherrill

My husband and I became Prescott winter residents in 2008. The care of my young horse, Magic, became my primary concern while in Prescott. I looked for a safe boarding facility for Magic, determined to find a place with turnout so my horse could roam. Happy’s Dream Ranch and their clean spacious paddocks looked like the perfect place. Unfortunately, boarding at Happy’s Dream Ranch was limited to Debbie Jamsa’s jumping students’ horses or horses in retirement. My background was trail riding with a smidgen of classical dressage. Jumping looked fun, but it was far from showing up on my radar as I’d just started Magic under saddle, and a western saddle at that! For my first winter in Prescott, I kept Magic at a beautiful barn and arena facility but with turn out limited to a few hours in an area the size of her stall, a situation I vowed not to repeat in the future.

I left Prescott that first winter no closer to finding what I felt was an adequate place to board Magic than when I’d arrived. Back home in Colorado I met an equine dental specialist from Arizona and share with him my boarding concerns. He highly recommended Happy’s Dream Ranch! I was satisfied with how Magic was progressing in her training; we were even doing some cow work, so I thought maybe we were ready to take jumping lessons. I called Debbie with visions of “National Velvet” in my head.

A year ago I’d made the decision to only take instruction from the best teachers I could find. Debbie’s resume definitely satisfied that requirement. I didn’t know if I had the mettle to become a jumper but I figured, if nothing else, my equitation would improve with jumping lessons. I also suspected Magic’s Lusitano bloodlines had gifted her with some jumping talents. I could put up with any sort of whip cracking instructor as long as Magic would have the turnout and care I expected. Debbie was willing to give us a try and she even offered to let me to use her jumping saddles while I was there. Magic and I were set for another winter Prescott.

Magic and my arrival to Happy’s Dream Ranch came five minutes ahead of a severe thunder/snow storm. Even though everyone at HDR was in a rush to get horses back into the barn or blanketed, I was met with smiles and didn’t feel at all in the way. I was impressed with everyone’s efficiency and the horses’ calm demeanor. Those same smiles continued to greet me everyday I returned to HDR, all winter. Happy’s Dream Ranch may have been named after Debbie’s Dalmatian, Happy, but students, employees, and animals all live up to that name -- it is a happy place.

I am so pleased to have found a home away from home that provides my horse with as good of care as I could ever hope to give her. The attitude of everyone at HDR is reflected in the horses under their care: there isn’t a sour face on the property. Jumping lessons are icing on the cake! Debbie’s patience as an instructor is commendable. She has an uncanny ability to explain the most basic skills so even a want-to-be-a-cowgirl can understand, she is serious about safety, and instead of a whip she cracks lots of smiles. Magic can jump. I however, will be a work in progress for many, many years. I haven’t hung up my western saddle, but I’ve found jumping Magic under Debbie’s tutelage is even more fun than calf roping! Linda Turner


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