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AHJA 2011 Banquet Video

AHJA 2010 Banquet Video

AHJA 2010 Banquet Video (Quicktime)


Debbie Jamsa, 2011 Shelby Shank Trainer's Award Winner!

This award is donated in the celebration, memory & legacy of the life of Shelby Ann Shank. She held all of the follow-ing qualities in the highest esteem. Our gift to her memory is to select the trainer most worthy of her gifts to all of us.

To be awarded to the trainer who best exemplifies:

COURAGE: The ability to face whatever life brings us.

SELFLESSNESS: The willingness to come to the aid of others.

STRENGTH OF CHARACTER: The stamina to live by your beliefs and the determination to always stand by them.

SPORTSMANSHIP: The representations of our sport in the best possible light with an eye toward honor, the pursuit of excellence and the fair treatment of fellow exhibitors.

PASSION: The love of all of life, but mostly the love of the horses, students and the shows. This was Shelby’s life. This is what she wants you to believe- Love your horses, love your students and take pride in all of their accomplishments, but not as your own. Know that your own passion and love of this sport is enough reward.

Congratulations to Contendro's Dream

AHJA Year-End Awards: 6th Place in Performance Hunters 3'3" and 4th Place in Pre-Green.

Turbo takes a 4th Place in the Hunter Derby with 37 entries.

Thanks Renae Coates for a great ride!