Happy's Dream Ranch
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Happy's Dream Ranch is located in Prescott, Arizona, a premier private equestrian facility located at the base of Granite Mountain.

Clients at Happy's Dream Ranch enjoy:

  • A large jumper arena with excellent footing
  • A 4-horse "Eurociser" for controlled conditioning
  • A mile exercise track as well as endless trail riding
  • Well maintaind arena, watered and dragged daily
  • Indoor grooming areas
  • Round pen
  • Web cameras in several select stalls

Horses at Happy's Dream Ranch enjoy:

  • Large, open, matted stalls (with rice hull bedding) with automatic waterers
  • Seven day per week care
  • Four feedings per day
  • Available supplement and feeding programs
  • Daily turn out and handling
  • Insect control systems
  • Exceptional care and management

About Happy's Dream Ranch

For as long as she can remember, Debbie Jamsa has loved horses. Today, Debbie is living her dreams as the owner and trainer of Happy's Dream Ranch.

The Happy's Dream Ranch motto: Believe in your dreams and others will believe in you tells much of the Happy's Dream Ranch story.

Happy's Dream Ranch was named after Debbie and Kris' Dalmatian, Happy. For years, as Happy would sleep, Debbie would say "Happy is dreaming about running with horses on his ranch." Happy's dream came true when Debbie and Kris bought his first ranch in Houston, Texas.

True to his "coach dog" breeding, Happy loved to run beside Debbie and the horses as they trotted and cantered across the ranch. But riding on the tractor with Debbie may have been Happy's favorite pasttime.

Today, Happy's dream lives on with each rider who begins to believe in and pursue his or her dreams.

Happy's Dream Ranch